Who Knew Helensburgh Was Such A Gem?

This week I had the good fortune to visit Helensburgh.  This was my first visit but be assured it will not be my last.

Nestled on the Clyde coast this hidden gem is awash with independent shops catering for a variety of tastes and pockets.  Within half an hour of arriving I had bought myself a new top, had a lovely cup of  tea with a scone with clotted cream and bought myself some of the last of the season’s fresh peas in the pod.

The beautiful town square has a variety of shops and cafes in the vicinity and a walk along the front brings you to clothes shops, food shops, cafes and even a Christmas shop.  An outdoor museum is also based in the square with artefacts celebrating a variety of local achievements including Science, Trade and Social History.

For many years, Helensburgh was the destination of choice for those looking for something different.  Somewhere to spend a day browsing and enjoying taking the time.  For a short while that was lost in the draw of the super sized shopping centres.

In recent years, Helensburgh is again beginning to shine as shoppers become more discerning and also bored with the same shops wherever they go.

If you are looking for somewhere different to spend the day, let me personally recommend Helensburgh, the Clyde’s hidden gem.  A place where customer service comes as standard.

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