Prime of Midlife

I am in the prime of my Midlife.

I don’t think I have reached crisis point yet but that remains to be seen as I gradually accept I am no longer in my youth.

Life has been a rollercoaster in general but not anything I haven’t been able to cope with.  However that may change in the near future as my full time employment has become less secure, my darling daughter is looking to fly the nest, my fiancee who lives hundreds of miles away is becoming a bigger part of my life, my parents become less fit and able and I need to think about the next part of my life.

Renowned as someone who lurches from one day to the next, the time has come for me to try and put together a plan for the future.  I have no intention of becoming super organised, to be honest I don’t think that is possible at this late stage.  However I am still in my prime, albeit the prime of my midlife and I intend enjoying it.

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