Cost of Living Crisis


Going Food Shopping Has Changed Recently

It is 5am on a Saturday morning and I am at my partner’s new flat bright eyed and bushy tailed


How To Make Ghee

Clarified butter or Ghee, is a great method of giving you the benefits of butter without having to use valuable


Food Prices Increase As Farmers Suffer

Martin Kennedy is President of the National Farmers Union Scotland(NFUS).  In a blog post on the NFUS website dated 30th


5 Energy Saving Tips To Save You Money In 2022

With energy prices set to rise quite substantially from April 1st, most people will be looking to try and reduce


Dehydrating Cooked Rice

Whilst trying to prepare for any upcoming problems within the supply chain, and trying to be more climate conscious, I

Tuesday Morning Catch Up

It’s Tuesday morning and I am up bright eyed and bushy tailed trying to catch up with things I had

Have I Become A Prepper?

I think I may be a bit of a prepper but then again I may just be getting prepared?  What

Preparing For Autumn In Scotland

It’s Sunday morning, mid September and the first soup of the season is on the stove. As the mornings start

Picture of sliced mushrooms in silicone baking tray

5 Easy Items For First Time Food Processor Users

Or – How I realised how much of a timesaver a food processor really was Do you have a food

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Easy Potato Scone Recipe and Method

Easy Potato Scone Recipe and Method 8oz potatoes 4oz flour Salt/pepper to taste Knob of butter for mashing potatoes Peel