PPI, NI, What about I?

It is 17.17 on Monday evening, I finish work at 17.00 it takes 5 minutes to get home.  My phone rang when I got home, my mobile, I hadn’t even got my jacket off and there was an automated call about PPI.  I checked the mail, there was a letter asking me if I wanted to have them check on my PPI claim.

The other letter would appear to be from the tax office telling me I am due about 3 years of class 2 National Insurance contributions.  What is that about?  I only went self employed last year, before that I was on the books, full time employee etc, how can I be 3 years behind?

The company I am working for at the moment is having a change of staff and they have advised they would like to put me on PAYE and sent a contract for my perusal.  Less in my hand every month obviously as they would be paying the tax and hopefully the NI, although I am beginning to wonder.

Then I checked the contract further and I would be on a 3 month probationary period even though I have worked as a contractor for them for almost 18 months.  Further investigation revealed a clause which allowed them at any time to terminate my employment with pay in lieu of notice – oh and the notice is only one week for the first two years.

The house is still a disaster zone, my daughter has barely wakened after doing night shift last night and the first thing she says is she is hungry.  She was quickly told it is not very advisable to say such things to a mother who has just done a nine hour shift and come home to realise you haven’t moved from your bed all day.

There is an article to write, due this week sometime, must settle down and do that.  This one is actually going to be quite fun so should flow quite easily thankfully.

House to clean, cat to chase off the handbag and try and encourage into the still brand new igloo, recycling to be done, kitchen table to clear so I can sit and write properly, clothes to sort out, I think that will do for now.

Kettle has boiled, now for the cup of tea I meant to make before sitting down, time to make a plan of attack for this evening.  Wish me luck.

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