Decluttering Has Begun

On Friday night I found the reality show Consumed on Netflix and that was me, I was fully enthused to declutter my home.

Come Saturday morning the enthusiasm was still there but the wherewithal would need to be changed slightly.

I did not have the luxury of time nor space to be emptying my house and making pretty piles to decide on keep, donate or bin.  I had a couple of hours at most before I had to help my parents with some things.

As I am sure anyone who knows me will agree, I am untidy and practically a hoarder.  I very seldom have clear surfaces and have many many things that I just can’t bring myself to throw out.  Saturday was going to be different, Saturday was going to be the start of the declutter.

My first target was the shelf above the hanging rail in my wardrobe.  For years it has been the VHS and DVD repository.  We all know these are not going to be coming back and there is certainly no need to be having hundreds of VHS tapes stacked to the ceiling in my wardrobe.

I got a huge checked laundry bag and started filling it with DVDs.  I did save a few box sets to give to my mother as their house walls are so thick the wifi doesn’t reach the bedroom.  This way she can watch some programmes in her bedroom if she wants.

DVDs pretty much filled the bag, now for the VHS.  Due to the height they had been stacked I had to go get a stepladder to bring down the top layer to a manageable height.  Another huge bag filled with VHS tapes this time and that was only half of them.

I took those to the local skip site yesterday afternoon and this morning I started again.  The laundry bag is full of VHS tapes as is the second bag which is almost the same size.

Although I didn’t empty my room, the space I have freed up at the top of my wardrobe now means that the dressing table and chest of drawers have now got clear surfaces.  I have put my excess hangers in a bag to get rid of and can now hang more clothes in the wardrobe.  This in turn frees up space in the chest of drawers for the tee shirts and tops that were sitting on top of it.

It’s a small corner of my world, but its now a decluttered small corner.  The space I have freed up means that I can declutter other areas as I have places to store things.

Not quite your typical decluttering story, but a start and one I am very proud of.

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