Holiday Bug Strikes Again

In the five years we have been together, we have tried to get away for a few days on a number of occasions.

It’s all good going to visit each other at opposite ends of the country but that always seems to have familial obligations which can take up a great deal of time that we should be spending with each other.

Unfortunately our efforts at having some time away together seem to be destined for problems.

With caravan parks being our destination of choice, we so far have had one out of 5 visits go relatively smoothly and that was last year.  Our first time away together, we started driving and by the time I got to the caravan I had flu.  Two days in bed snuffling and sniffing is not exactly what I had signed up for that week.

Our next attempt wasn’t too bad but the weather meant that outings were few and far between.

Earlier this year I pulled off the most spectacular surprise holiday weekend which wasn’t too bad but again the weather wasn’t exactly dry never mind warm.

Now it’s mid June and the rain is torrential and to top it all I am in the middle of a rather hefty bout of food poisoning.  Last night was spent with my darling beloved racing around the local countryside to try and get me some stomach medication.  Within minutes of his return I had to run to the toilet and I was there for some quite considerable time.

This continued throughout the night and it is only in the last two hours that I have managed to start back to some semblance of normality.

I think that we should probably try something else next year, something that doesn’t involve me being ill would be a good start.

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