Clothes v Me

It’s half past eight on a Sunday morning and I feel exhausted already.

Last night I took my daughter to work for an 11pm start and picked her up this morning when she finished at 8am.  Buses in rural areas can be a bit of a rarity it seems.

In saying that, there is a wash in the machine making satisfying noises, I have tea and some malted milk biscuits, it’s a good start so far.

I am still looking at the clothes on the couch and the airers knowing that I have to do something about it.  Why is it that when you are looking for something to wear you can never find anything suitable but when you come to sort out your clothes you could easily open a shop?

In my bedroom there is a double wardrobe and a chest of drawers with 4 drawers, this is not enough space it seems. Why on earth would I need more clothing than that?  It’s not like Scotland has extremes of temperature so I need a summer wardrobe, here we really only need winter wardrobes.

So even when I take the clothes upstairs to the bedrooms I don’t particularly have anywhere to put all of them.  It seems clothes only all fit in the storage in my room as long as there are some on the airers, some in the washing pile and some in the machine.

As you have probably guessed, not all this clothing is wearable at any given time, some of it is probably never going to be worn by me again.  However, come the glorious day when I lose a decent amount in weight, I want to be able to fit into those jeans, those specific jeans.  A new pair of jeans from a different shop or that are a different cut is not going to be the same, it has to be the actual jeans I grew out of.

This causes some problems as you can imagine trying to find storage for such items when they are not going to be needed for some time but I cannot bear to throw them away.

Hang on a minute, somewhere in this house is one of those vacuum pack bag things.  You know the ones, you use the hoover to squish all the clothing in the bag and stash it under the bed, I just remembered I bought that and haven’t used it.  I need to go find them, now where on earth would I have stashed such a thing?

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