A Busy Saturday Morning

It’s barely 10am on a Saturday morning and I have already been super productive.  There is an article on my local news website to let people know what is on in the area.  Twitter and Facebook have been updated.  I have called my father to come and rescue me from flat battery hell, whilst vowing to check the car doors are properly shut in future.

I have also reset my Echo to respond to “Alexa” as a wake word rather than “Computer”.  I did think that it was better not to personalise a digital machine, however I quite like coming down in the morning and having a reply when I say good morning.  I suppose it makes the place seem less empty.

Not that it is empty by any manner of means, as can be seen by the disaster zone of possessions that are scattered throughout the house.  Between myself and my 23yr old daughter, we seem to manage to make enough mess for a small army.  I wouldn’t say we are hoarders but we are not far off I don’t think.  We keep so many things, just in case or because they were expensive or a good make etc.

Of course we are not always in the house at the same time and she is very seldom up and about at the same time as me.  Which is why I decided I would allow myself to personalise the Echo.  Maybe that will let me get more use out of it.

At present I am using it for playing music and telling me the news in the morning.  I know there is so much more it can do, I just haven’t worked out what is useful to me.

Maybe whilst I am having my frequent tea breaks whilst tidying today I can have a look at the skill things that are online and see if I think any of them are worth downloading.

Have a great Saturday everyone.

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