Early Morning Awakenings Are Pointless

Could someone please tell me what happens to sleep patterns when you get older?  I am getting more than a little fed up with being exhausted by 10pm then wakening up at 5.30am raring to go.

I have things to do and these are not things that can be done at 5.30am, in fact these are not things that can be done until at least 8.30am or my neighbours will not be happy.

It’s acceptable to waken a bit earlier than required, then I get to do some writing before I have to go to work.  Wakening 3 hours before I need to, is of no earthly good to anyone.  It’s not like you can put on the washing machine or start hoovering at that time of the morning.

Of course, I could write but if I do then by the time I get to work after writing for 3 hours I will be no use to anyone.  It’s not like I am writing the next bestseller or anything like that. I write a local news website and for a website for my local town.  Not exactly deep meaningful stuff and often there is nothing particular to write about so I need to invent something.

Having convinced myself that there is no reason to be awake at that time of the morning, now I just need work out how to stop wakening up.

Do I try to stay up later?  Can’t say the thought of deliberately pushing myself to stay awake when all I want to do is snuggle in my bed is very appealing.  Having a couple of drinks is an option but then again, what if I end up with more than a couple?  Then I will be struggling to make it to work the next day.

Hot milk, I don’t think so.  Sleeping tablets, no thank you.  Maybe I will revert to that old favourite of a hot bath and straight to bed.  That used to work for me a few years ago, maybe it is time to try it again.

Any suggestions for a bed time routine to get past the 5.30am awakening, gratefully received.

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