Early Wake Up Not So Good

Here I am awake at least an hour earlier than I had even set the alarm.  What on earth was my brain thinking?  I distinctly remember there were some rather awful dreams which seem to have encouraged my early awakening.

Undaunted and remembering all those things I have read about super successful people getting up early, I pulled myself out of bed.

As I was sitting on the edge of the bed wondering what on earth I was doing, I heard movement downstairs, what a fabulous sound.

Darling daughter has just started a new job doing nightshift and was up and about in preparation for tonight’s shift.  One text later and a cup of tea was ordered, that at least would make the early start to the day slightly more bearable.

Trawling round the room for clothes to wear, rummaging in drawers, eyes half shut, not wanting to acknowledge the still dark morning. Knowing that next on the agenda is the daily washing of hair, when you are cold and shivery waiting for everything to heat up. How I longed to get back into that cosy pile of duvet snuggliness.

Shuffling as quick as humanly possible in a big fluffy robe pulled tight as possible round my shivering body I head for the shower.  Finding a shampoo becomes a bit of a thing as I check bottles of lotions and potions, eventually finding some bright coloured concoction promising radiant colour for treated hair.  Obviously not bought for me but would serve its purpose nonetheless.

With as little contact with the wet water as possible I completed my task, wrapped a fluffy towel round my dripping hair and headed downstairs.

So here I sit with a cup of steaming hot tea, some musical movie playing as my daughter shifts her body clock and writing this update.  Have I improved my day, well not yet but there is still time.  Fingers crossed.

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