Dehydrating Cooked Rice

Whilst trying to prepare for any upcoming problems within the supply chain, and trying to be more climate conscious, I turned my attention to rice.

This all happened because I had made a chicken provencale in the slow cooker and was looking for a quick meal after dinner. Nothing better to do than use one of my packet rices that take a couple of minutes in the microwave, I thought.

As I emptied the rice onto my plate and disposed of the leftovers and packaging, I thought there has to be a better way of doing this. There has to be another way of keeping rice that would only take a few minutes to prepare without using a lot of packaging.

My go to choice for any extra rice has mostly been freezing. This however requires a certain kind of packaging to store in the freezer that is not very environmentally friendly.

After a bit of research I found some videos on how to make “minute rice”. This is where you cook the rice first then dehydrate it. Seemingly when you want to use it you mix it equal parts with boiling water for a couple of minutes on the stove and all is well.

The thought of being able to store a whole lot of rice that would only take a couple of minutes to become edible was too good not to try. No plastic involved either, I could store it in a mason type jar and save packaging. So far so good, now to try it out.

The process itself is pretty easy. Rinse the rice, cook the rice then dehydrate the rice.

I used silicone sheets on the shelves of my dehydrator as the shelves themselves are a rather large wire mesh. As far as I know, things seem to have turned out well. Obviously the proof of the pudding is in the eating but I haven’t tried rehydrating just yet. Watch this space for an update when I do.

Until then, you can watch the video of the dehydrating process here.

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