Why Is There A Crotch Shot In My Social Media?

This morning was supposed to be spent writing about a local community meeting I attended on Thursday night.  Instead however I find myself so hacked off with the way my morning started that I have to write about this first.

As you may or may not know, I recently passed my motorbike test.  My partner who lives hundreds of miles from me is also a motorbike rider.  We share posts, articles and information we find on the web with each other and we have joined a couple of motorbike groups.

As I was enjoying my well deserved long lie this morning, scrolling through social media checking that I hadn’t missed anything important, I was faced with a crotch shot.  It was one of these stupid shots where there is a picture of an engine part being held but in the background there is what is ostensibly supposed to be an upskirt shot of a female in stockings hunkered down at the other side of the bike.  The camera looking straight between her legs towards her crotch area.

What on Gods green earth was that doing on my Facebook timeline?  Why was there a picture of this kind on my feed?  As for the comments, they were rude, crude and humiliating.

This picture had been put on my feed by a motorcycle group, an over 50s motorcycle group no less.  I joined that group because my partner invited me to, he wanted us to be able to see the same posts about motorbikes.

Sadly, it doesn’t matter how proud he is or how much he thinks speaking to other bikers will help, that group is not a biker group where women are respected.  This is a good thing to know at this stage because I would hate to think of what might happen if I had asked a question in good faith about my motorbike.  It’s pretty obvious to me now that some of the answers would have been fake and this would have been seen as entertainment.

I am female therefore I am reduced to my body parts and what they can do for men’s egos it would seem.

Thankfully there are a number of ladies motorbike groups on social media.  I would encourage any lady bikers to join these for support and knowledge.  If you want to join the others, don’t let me stop you but watch out for crotch shots in your timeline.

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