Stop Being Such An Ass When Driving

Let’s get something straight from the beginning shall we.  If you are in queues of traffic in London or anywhere else in the UK, it is perfectly legal for me on my motorbike to filter through the traffic.  Sections 88 and 160 of the Highway code tell you about this manoeuvre.

You may not like the fact that you are sitting in a metal box roasting in the sunshine and I can drive past you.  This is not my problem and it certainly does not give you the right to open your door or move your car to block passage through the cars. If the bikes stayed in the queue, it would take much longer and you would be much further back in the queue.

It’s time to get over yourself and your over inflated ego and let the traffic move.

Now let’s talk about the width of the road.  We all know that in London many roads have been reduced in width because there is now parking along both sides of the road.  This means that in many instances you have to pull in and wait for a car coming in the opposite direction to pass.

Just because a motorbike is not as wide as a car, does not mean that you can take up the whole road.  It does mean that both vehicles can keep moving if you are sensible.  Stop being a road hog and start being more considerate of other road users.

One of the biggest things I have learned in the last two days riding a motorbike in London is that it is fast and it is unforgiving.  As a new rider it has been a baptism of fire.  I have also learned that there are some great drivers there who will help you out just as much as there are idiots who will try and stop you moving forward.

These idiots are probably the same people who order their takeaway from an app where the delivery is made by somebody on a motorbike.  The only reason that works in cities is because you have motorbike/scooter riders.  If cars were used, your food would be cold before it got to you.

Before you decide to stop a bike filtering through the queue of traffic you are in.  Stop and think, are you really that big an Ass?

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