The Morning After The Lockdown Extension

This morning has been a busy one, baking banana bread to use up excess bananas and cutting material for facemasks to give to local key workers.  There has also been scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast to make sure we don’t waste any eggs.

With the announcement last night that we are in lockdown for another three weeks at least, I think things have to change.

The last three weeks have been a time to get things done that were badly needing done and work out how to get shopping for my parents as well as myself and partner and deal with my parents medical requirements.   Once that was done, there was a lot of relaxation time or possibly more accurately boredom time.  I am sure you all know what I mean. Procrastination abounded alongside a slight thought of making sure to take advantage of this time off work.

In the first three weeks we have cleared out the big wardrobe, dismantled my desk to move it from one room to another, started making facemasks for local key workers and given our bikes some TLC so that we can use them for small shopping or deliveries of masks.

The next three weeks are going to be different.  Over the next three weeks there will be a new routine set.  No more long lies in bed, up and about and getting things done so there is a sense of achievement and a well deserved rest at the end of the day. 

We have this weekend to start making changes so that the next three weeks are constructive and beneficial to ourselves and the local community. 

When I say we, I have to admit that my partner has bravely taken on the jobs that I have avoided for quite some time.  He has washed the windows, which has to be the first time they have been done in almost a year.  Next on the list is strimming the garden before the weeds completely take over, although I am adamant that the dandelions are helping the bees so there is a reason I didn’t strim the garden last year.

Whilst he is doing these things that I never seem to have time to do, I will be baking, stocktaking the freezer, organising shopping and making masks. 

Here’s to the next three weeks being a time to get my world into the place I would like it to be.

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