Time To Start Using the “Good” Stuff

This weekend has seen me spend much of my time at my parent’s house.  My father went into a care home in April and my mother was admitted last week.  Due to the fact that both of them now require care, it is a distinct possibility that I may have to sell the family home. Which of course means, I have to clear out the family home.

Over the last couple of days, I have spent many hours looking into nooks and crannies in their home where I hadn’t looked for many years.  This of course meant that I found much that had been forgotten.

There are many photographs, pieces of paper and lots and lots of clothes, some going back to the eighties. There are also many pieces of homeware that have been stored because they are classed as “good”.

It struck me this evening that all this “good” stuff has done for the last decade is sit in the back of cupboards or be hidden in drawers.   It has never been used, it has sat in the dark and been forgotten about. 

The way I see it, there are three options open to me.  I can try to sell it, I can bin it or I can use it.

I think it is high time that the “good” stuff was used.

Much of the stuff is things that are not particularly good sellers on the auction or marketplace sites.   Large dinner services with pieces missing, boxes of crystal glassware, china mugs, tea services and the like. 

My plan is that all my glassware that I have amassed from various places is going to be put to the glass recycling point.  From now on I am going to drink my water/milk/wine etc from crystal glasses and enjoy the “good” things we have. 

My tea will no longer be in old and possibly chipped mugs with some advertising slogan.  From now on I will be drinking tea from china mugs and cups. 

The crockery I use in my kitchen will be repurposed and most likely used in the garden.  In future I will use my parents wedding china.  The china that has sat in a cupboard for over 40 years will be brought out and used.  Granted I will have to wash it by hand but I am happy to do that to enjoy the link to my parents. 

How many of us “midlifers” have “good” stuff?  Isn’t it about time that we dug out that crystal/china/silverware and used it?  Enjoy it while you can rather than leave it for your kids to find when you are no longer there.  

Now I am off to put on the kettle and set up my tray for a lovely cup of tea.

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