Bad Week Pity Party

Normally I am pretty laid back about my world and what goes on however, today I am feeling rather cheated.

Last week was supposed to be a good week, my fiancee had booked us a weekend away and was staying for the week afterwards, I had a job interview for a position that I think I would really enjoy, I had stopped smoking and life was going to be good.

I caught flu, literally the first day away with my fiancee.  In the long weekend we were away I managed to go out 3 times although I carried a box of tissues and nasal spray with me wherever we went.

My car got stuck in the mud and when we were desperately trying to get it out, the passenger door got caught and bent right back.  We drove the 70 odd miles home with the door held closed with string. The replacement car which we got on Tuesday started having engine problems yesterday and is now off the road until it is fixed.

The interview got cancelled the day before, the director who was interviewing me called off work for personal reasons.  I still await a reschedule. The company I am working for at present are going downhill fast, fingers crossed I manage to jump before it sinks.

I managed to go to my self employed work on yesterday and today but there were no bookings so that actually cost me for petrol and parking.

My fiancee returned to London this afternoon so I am now in the house by myself waiting for him to get settled at home so we can chat online.

It’s not often life can get me down but this week has just been ridiculous.  I still feel ill, I am on my own and I feel crap.

Don’t get me wrong, tomorrow after I pick up darling daughter from her work at 8am I will be fine.  I will have a new enthusiasm for the new week and will be ready to take on the world – let’s be honest, it’s not like I have a lot of choice.   However, tonight, tonight I feel crap and I just thought I would put it out there so anyone else who has had a bad week can join my pity party, just for tonight.  Tomorrow we plan to take over the world – again x

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