Procrastinate with Lush

After a good start to the day yesterday I was feeling rather pleased with myself.  What I had forgotten however was that there was a late booking yesterday meaning I didn’t get home until after 9pm.  Definitely not the best idea to have an early start when you have a late finish.

Early to bed and up at a late hour this morning.  Drove the 50 miles to my place of work for the days of self employment and helped others with their stuff as it turned out I didn’t have any clients today.

I am now back home and the house looks like a bomb site.  How is it myself and one 21yr old can cause such scenes of devastation?

The kitchen looked like disaster zone so I tidied that as I microwaved my dinner.  The sitting room is like a chinese laundry with 2 airers in it and a pile of dry clothes on one of the couches.  The cat won’t look at her new igloo and insists on sitting on top of my handbag.

I know I should get up and go do something about it but I really do not have the inclination at all.  I know what I need now and what I need is a relaxing hot bath.The fact that I have obtained a rather fabulous collection of “Lush” bath bombs probably has quite a lot to do with that.

Friends, I must procrastinate, I have Lush and that should not be taken lightly.  I shall go relax and ponder on what I must do to make my midlife better – again.

See you on the other side.

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