Late Night Worries Banished

Last night for some reason whilst lying in bed my brain started having all sorts of thoughts about doing things wrong in my motorbike test.

These were not things I have done wrong in the practices, these were not things that I was worried about getting wrong normally.  These were utterly stupid things which will never happen but were getting me a tad stressed last night.

Thankfully as the thoughts grew more and more extreme, my sensible head kicked in and brought a few thoughts of its own.

Why on earth am I getting so stressed about this?  This motorbike test in no way shape or form will contribute to my day to day life.  The roof over my head does not depend on me passing my motorbike test.  My job does not depend on me passing my motorbike test.  I may want to pass my motorbike test however, in the grand scheme of things, I do not need to pass my motorbike test.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things that would be made easier if I did pass my test.  Things such as being able to go on the A road next to me on a bike.  Although allowed on the road on my 125cc, I don’t think other drivers would be too happy at me doing 45mph when they are doing 70mph.  Oh wait, that’s the only thing that would be easier.

Why then, was my brain getting me stressed about something that is a bit of fun and does not affect my day to day life?

My ability to ride a motorbike will not get me a pay increase, it will not get me a new job, it will not make me skinnier or more beautiful.  My family will not love me less if I do not ride a motorbike nor will my partner.  In fact, I really don’t need to do this.

Why am I doing this?  Why do we do anything we don’t have to?  Probably because we want to.

Now that we know that these things are not the end of the world, we can enjoy them.  If I fail, I will try again.  Many people do not succeed in things the first time they are attempted.  I will be in good company and I will try again.  I will laugh and learn from my mistakes and I will try again.

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