My Midlife Just Keeps Getting Better

At 53 years of age I passed my Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for a motorbike in May this year.  I have loved motorbikes since I was a teenager and now I am looking forward to being able to realise that desire for the first time.

However, to be able to move up to a bike bigger than a 125cc, I have to pass my motorcycle test.  This will be taken on a 600cc and will be in Dundee in Scotland.  If I tell you that I live in rural Perthshire and that the nearest selection of shops is three miles away, I am sure you can understand my trepidation.

Never one to back away from a challenge.  I got myself a 125cc and started riding round the countryside to build my confidence and abilities.  I was doing great, then I suddenly remembered where I was doing my test.  In a city.  A city with multiple lanes, zebra crossings, constant traffic etc.

My nearest town has a long straight main street with two sets of traffic lights and a couple of mini roundabouts.  I am great in that town, no problems at all.  Possibly not the best way to prepare for a test in a large city.

The bike that I bought all by myself is a cruiser, and seemingly not a very good one according to most who have seen it.  It is black with red flames, what’s not to like?

My partner who lives in London has bought me another bike.  A Honda 125CBF, which will seemingly give me a better riding position for the bike I will be using for the test.  The bike is being transported up to Scotland on Monday night.

I am in London just now, I am riding a motorbike in London, with L plates and a small engine and London traffic.

The logic is, if I can ride in London, Dundee will seem tame.  I think riding anywhere will seem tame after riding in London.

Watch this space for a report on my first day riding here.

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