First Full Lesson On The 650cc

Last night was my first motorcycle lesson having taken the plunge and booked to do both the Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests on the same day.  What a day that was.

The boss let me leave work early and I had given myself an hour to do a 40 minute journey.  What I hadn’t counted on was the journey being in Dundee just as rush hour started, and the road I was going to be on being one of the busiest.

At this point I must thank the guy who laughed at me when I tried to get into the right hand lane just before the lights at the train station.  I had to keep going and surprise surprise, I didn’t need to change lanes, and I was probably in the training yard by the time he has got to the bridge.  So, thanks for nothing and thanks for everything.

Eventually I made it to the training yard 5 minutes before my lesson was due to start.  Pete was out checking on the cones and as I walked round there was another lady there as well. Pete introduced us and explained she was also here for the lesson that night.

As Pete explained what he had planned for us that night, a bit of a ride out and a bit of Mod 1 work, the other lady told us that she had her Mod 1 test first thing this morning and would prefer to practice for that.  Pete then suggested that we go out for a very short ride and concentrate on the Mod 1 for the main part of the lesson.  The other lady explained that she had already failed her Mod 1 and wanted to concentrate on that.

At this point I told Pete that I was happy to do a lesson on the Mod 1 techniques as I didn’t want this lady to worry any more about her test than she obviously was.   Now that was agreed, we headed off to the bikes.

It is very strange having done lots of miles on my 125cc going on a 650cc again.  We went around the yard a few times to get a feel for the bikes and then it was time to start practicing for real.

The first part of the lesson was fine, I managed to manually handle the bike, slalom, figures of 8 and U turn were all fine.  Then came the stopping from speed.

I have to say, Pete is a brave man.  It seems I have no problem getting up to the required speed and more, I do seem to have a problem with stopping.  There were back wheel locks, there were bouncing bikes and a great deal of flailing from both legs and arms.  Then Pete had the magical idea of signalling me when to start braking.  What a difference, smooth stopping and even managing to change down gears as I pulled up.

All in all, this was a worthwhile lesson, now I am looking forward to Saturday when we will be out on the road.

By the time I post this, the other lady will have sat her test, fingers crossed she passed.

One thought on “First Full Lesson On The 650cc

  • August 28, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    Hi. Pete is right. I did pass and MOD2 booked. I’m ready for it.

    Thank you so much for being so understanding during the lesson.


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