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My Kind of Subscription Box

My Kind of Subscription Box

I would dearly love to be able to order a subscription box. What’s not to like about a little box of goodies arriving on your doormat on a regular basis?

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a subscription box that looks remotely like it would send the kind of items I would be hoping for.  At this rate I will have to start sending myself something just for the fun of it and to show it can be done.

If I could have my dream subscription box, what would I want in my box?

Let’s design my box and see how practical it is

  1. It would need to have a notepad because, let’s face it who doesn’t need another notepad?
  2. A pen to go with above notepad, different colours every month
  3. A small hand cream because we all know we should be using them.
  4. The silly thing, at present my thoughts are with a playing card set from Alchemy UK just because I love the artwork.
  5. A card so you can write to a friend or relative
  6. A stamped envelope for above card to encourage you to post it.

Would six items be enough?  I think so, I think that would be a great little box to have dropping though your letterbox.

Obviously, the items would change a little, especially the pampering product, notepad and silly thing.  Wouldn’t it be great if we started a postal revolution with our cards to friends?  How many people do you know that would enjoy receiving a hand written card?  With the card, envelope and stamp being provided there is not much left for you to do but write a couple of lines and put it in a post box.

A subscription box that pays it forward, I am liking that idea more and more.

I think I shall start that this weekend, I shall send the first one as a gift.  If you would like to be in with a chance to win this one and only Prime of Midlife subscription box then like and share this post/tweet.  The winner will be drawn on Sunday 12th August at my community event.  The box will be posted the next day.

Now I am off to shop for the ingredients for my first box.

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  1. We don’t get enough hand written cards or letters now as they are all typed with computer signatures.
    Even Christmas cards are dwindling as people now do everything by social media as they feel it’s more personal….I disagree
    However you can buy a card for 29p but the stamp cost three times that……no wonder personal cards are dwindling

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