Motorbiking Is My Next Challenge

Not content with running websites and doing local news, I have now decided I want to ride a motorbike.

I have always loved bikes but have never taken my test due to a very concerned father who used to be a biker himself.  Then of course being a single parent it’s not very practical to live in the country without a car.

Now my child can drive and my dad isn’t as scary any more I have decided I want my own motorbike.

Tomorrow at 9am I shall be at the motorbike training centre to see if I can obtain my CBT certificate which will allow me to ride bikes up to 125cc.  Considering I haven’t driven a bike in over 30 years, I have asked to go in a group with complete beginners as I am struggling to remember how things work.

I am not sure if this means I am starting to have a midlife crisis, I think not.  I think I am just getting older and I want to do those things I didn’t do when I was younger before it gets too late.

As this means I shall be out of the house most of tomorrow, I need to get a whole lot of washing and tidying done today to make sure I have stuff ready for work and the arrival of my other half later in the week.

Why is it always everything happens at the same time?

I haven’t told him I am doing the CBT tomorrow, he thinks I haven’t booked it yet.  I am a bit wary of whether I will manage to pass so decided it would be a nice surprise for him if I passed and something to be ignored if I don’t.

I am now trawling through adverts for motorbikes and trying to find something that won’t make me look too ridiculous when I am riding.  Wish me luck for tomorrow.

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