Motorcycle Test Day Part 2

Abigail had just passed her Mod 1 test, now it was my turn.

My instructor Alan took me into the small room where the examiner was waiting.  Thankfully because I had paid a very small admin fee, Alan had all the paperwork together and ready to hand to the examiner.  No worries about remembering to take the right stuff.

My details were checked and I signed to say that the details were correct.  Then we headed outside the test centre building.  The examiner told me that he was going to open the gate and if I could just take my bike to the other side of the gate and wait there until he secured the area.  Easy stuff, I had reversed my bike into the parking space when we arrived at the centre.  With a little help from Alan pushing it back.  Who knew the parking spaces were on a slope?

Now all I had to do was get on the bike and move forward to the other side of the big gate, not a difficult thing to do.

Once inside and the gate shut behind me, the examiner explained he would be asking me to do various manoeuvres and that I should behave as if I was on public roads.  That of course meant doing the correct checks over my shoulders as required.

First was ride to a marked parking bay and put the bike on it’s stand.  Then I had to manually manoeuvre the bike from that parking bay to another beside it.  I am so glad that I had changed the way I did this.  At first I used to just do one big curve from one bay to the other.  However, my fear of dropping the bike meant that I started leaning it too far towards me and ended up taking a lot of the weight of the bike. The new way of going straight back then going forwards in a curve then reversing was so much easier.

Next was the slalom and figure of eight.  Clutch control was my greatest friend on these manoeuvres.  Next was slow riding forward which was easy enough and then it was the dreaded U turn.

Considering I had just planted my foot in the practice at the training centre this was a bit of a worry.  However, again clutch control was my friend and looking where I had to end up, rather than where I was at the time made things easier.  No foot plant, I could continue happily.

Now it was time for the faster manoeuvres, the first of which was going around the curve and coming to a stop in the blue coned box.  This was not too bad as there was no speed requirement so I could use it to get used to the curve and slow down pretty early.

The emergency stop was a worry as I have been known to lose some tyre rubber on these in practice.  It was raining so that would probably have an effect on my stopping time and I had to get up to a certain speed before I could think about stopping.  Suffice to say there was no rubber left on the tarmac.  I don’t think I stopped as quickly as I have done before but with the conditions it was better to be safe than sorry.

Avoidance was next, and this was not something that I was too worried about as I didn’t seem to have any problems in training.

That was it.  After all that training, I was done.  I was told to go wait at the gate, once it was open I was told to park up the bike.  You know I parked it nose first having had to have Alan help me park it the other way earlier.

Back into the building and into the little office.  I took off my helmet and gloves and once we were settled I was told that I had passed.  What a relief!

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Test Day Part 2

  • October 10, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings about learning to ride with Scotriders. However you’re blog is missing one of the biggest part of your whole learning experience, the Mod2 test, result and accompanying emotions.
    Please share them with us.

    • October 21, 2018 at 3:32 pm

      You are absolutely correct, I shall sort that out forthwith.


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