We Need To Protect Our Children From Sexual Predators

We need to do something to protect our children from the wholesale sexual exploitation that is happening right now.

An 18 year old named Daniel Crowley admitted charges but was not jailed because he was considered a child at the time of the offences when he was 16.

He was old enough to cruelly exploit young girls and deliberately set up multiple social media accounts to blackmail and manipulate them.  He was old enough to demand naked pictures and pretend to be others who had seen the pictures.  He was old enough to have downloaded images of child sexual abuse to his phone which was seized when he was arrested.

Another young man has been jailed for repeatedly raping children aged just 6 and 8 from when he was just 13 years old.  Only when the elder child started sex education at school did they realise what had been happening to them.

Anecdotal reports have stated that boys are beginning to think it is normal for girls to cry during sex as that is what they have seen in online porn.

As women are battling in the boardroom for equal opportunities and pushing forward for equal pay they may now have to fight a rearguard action to protect themselves against being subjected to sexual violence.

So many young boys and men are watching online porn where females are subject to violent and dehumanising behaviour that they are becoming desensitised. It has started to become their baseline behaviour in sexual encounters.

The MeToo movement showed how many women had been subject to sexism and predatory sexual behaviour growing up.  In the next 10 years if the sexual abuses of children by children continues unchecked, our women of the future will all have been subject to sexual abuse as children, much of it in their schooldays by their classmates.

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