Starting My Food Preps

This weekend was quite a busy one as I tried to start preparing for the upcoming year and the potential food shortages.

I had read in one of the daily newspapers that farmers, especially farmers who use greenhouses, are not going to be able to produce as much this coming year. 

There had already been reports that due to the lack of labour available to pick fruit and veg last year and the waste of food that ensued, farmers would be planting less this year.

Now there are additional reports that those crops that are grown in greenhouses or heated areas are going to be reduced as well.   This is due to the rising energy costs which mean the greenhouses are much more expensive to heat. In the UK, production of cucumbers, peppers and aubergines are the most likely to be affected.

With this in mind, I went shopping and got quite a lot of peppers and mushrooms so that I can dehydrate them and store for up to a year.

As you can see on my video, this may take a while.

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