Shortages Are Becoming Noticeable

I went to my local Tesco last night and I think because I haven’t been there in about a month, it seemed very noticeable where there have been changes.

It doesn’t look any different when you walk in, still the offers on the first aisle and the home and entertainment aisles to my left going the opposite way from the main store.

There was still no noticeable difference when I turned down the main aisle through the middle of the store. Where I did notice a difference was in the health and beauty section. These aisles have been moved about and even chopped.

The area for cold and flu remedies and painkillers has been reduced by about half I would say, as has the baby essentials.

The two aisles in the middle of the section have had some sections removed and now there is a walkway between them. These aisles in all the time I have been shopping there have been from the middle of the store to the back walkway. There has never been a path between them that I remember.

As you can see, this has removed approximately 8 sections of shelving that now do not need to be filled.

The fruit and veg had a lot of upended crates in the display but it wasn’t that there looked to be a problem getting fruit and veg basics, just a reduced choice.

Most of the rest of the shelves were where they normally were, it’s just that there were some areas with low stock or in some cases very little stock. Minced beef was practically wiped out, as were fresh whole chickens. Also the crisps seemed to have been very popular.

All in all, I was still able to get pretty much everything I wanted and needed, however there were some noticeable gaps.

You can see what I bought on the accompanying video here.

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