Savings Encourage Preparing For Winter

I have just had my most recent electricity bill and I am really rather impressed in that I managed to be £200 less for the quarter than I was in the winter.

That is an impressive saving and I am not quite sure where it came from.  I am still using my tumble dryer, although not as much and all my cooking and heating is electric.  Everything else seems to be the same.

Then I realised one small detail.  I have switched off my storage heaters and sometimes my water heater.

That these could make such a difference is frightening, as is the fact that I haven’t realised for so long.

My water heater is controlled by someone else in that it is the total heating with total control system.  It heats the water 4 times a day which is of course unnecessary.  I am however a lover of baths and am so used to being able to have a bath pretty much when I want that the thought of forgetting to switch the heater back on and not having hot water is not a good one.  However with this sort of saving in 3 months, I think it is time I got over myself.

There are only two storage heaters left in the house and I did have them on over the colder months.  One at the bottom of the stairs to try and put some heat up to the bedrooms and the other in the kitchen which I would use to keep the kitchen warm when I was writing.

In the lounge I have a calor gas cast iron heater which heats the room quickly and holds the heat for quite some time even when the gas has been turned off.  I have even cooked chicken breast wrapped in foil on it on one occasion.

This got me to thinking, why don’t I do most of my writing on the laptop and use the desk only when I have the tumble dryer going in the colder weather.

For years there was only one room heated in a smaller house and this is where everyone congregated and carried out their day to day tasks.  Recently we have managed the luxury of having whole houses warm enough to walk about in tee shirts even in the depth of winter.  Maybe in this time of climate emergency it would be prudent for us to try and reduce the amount of energy we use.  Of course, the saving of £200 in 3 months is also a huge incentive.

Time to go think about rearranging the house I think.


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