Domestic Goddess or PJ Party Queen?

It’s Bank Holiday weekend, will you be a domestic goddess or a pj party queen?



Friday night, hit the shops

Fresh food to prepare for the month ahead so home made meals are easily available from the freezer. Home, bath and bed.

Saturday, blitz the house decluttering, all the old clothing and knick knacks are getting tossed to give me back some storage space.  Windows will be opened to let in fresh air and there will be a mass dusting and hoovering to make my house feel nice and clean.

The smell of fresh home cooking will welcome visitors and my freezer shall be defrosted before being filled with home made goodies.  Cupboards shall be emptied and refilled only with things that are useful in the here and now.  All outdated and just in case items shall be tossed.

Sunday, wash clothing and hang out to dry, put away clothing.

Monday, final tidy up and gardening.





Friday night, hit the shops.

Vodka, mixer, hand cooked crisps, bread and sandwich fillings.

Get home, clear the table beside my couch into the kitchen, take shopping bag through to the couch.

Close curtains, get changed into pyjamas, Put Netflix on tv, Pour drink, Watch movies whilst placing online grocery order until refreshingly numb with blockbuster and vodka overload.

Saturday, mope about the house recovering, ordering in pizza and Chinese hangover food.

Sunday get shopping delivery and throw stuff in freezer.  Stick work clothes on to wash.  Possibly more vodka from online shopping delivery.

Monday, less recovery needed than Saturday so eat real food and have hot bath.


I know which one I am more likely to be, even when I intend being the other.

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