Relaxation and the US Navy

Who would have thought that 4 days away in a caravan on the very wet and windy South West coast of Scotland could be so beneficial?

The break was booked months ago when my partner and I decided that we needed some time to ourselves.  Most of the time he comes to visit me or I go to visit him and that means that normal life carries on wherever we are.

This was a complete break away from family and friends which meant we had time to rest and relax and just enjoy each other’s company.

We went swimming in the pool at the caravan park which for both of us was the first time we had swam in over 10 years.  We did tourist things, visited local museums and historical places, ate in local cafes and sent postcards home.

We spent time together with nothing more to do than spend time together.

We went out in the rain and the wind, not for very long granted, but we went out.  More often we sat together and watched tv or chatted as we listened to the wind and rain battering the caravan.  Cosy in our little haven of relaxation.

There was nothing we did that was for public consumption, the most important thing we did was support local cafes and small tourist attractions.  We tended to avoid the biggest and most popular places and instead found the small places where no bus tours could reach.  Places where the local people had banded together to preserve or promote.

Who knew that the founder of the US Navy, John Paul Jones, was from Scotland?  He was from a tiny cottage near Southerness.  The cottage has been restored to resemble what it would have been like in his time.  There is also a tiny museum which helps you understand how this came about and how instrumental he was in the building of the US Navy.  Definitely a place to support if you are ever down in that area.  If not, you can support it from afar, checkout the John Paul Jones Cottage website for ways to help.

After four days of rest and relaxation, I am now back home and he is driving back to London.  Life goes back to normal after this weekend. Until then I think I shall continue the relaxation theme and sit with plenty cups of tea and pet the cat lots.

Have a good weekend everyone.

One thought on “Relaxation and the US Navy

  • September 15, 2018 at 11:50 am

    What a lovely read. The Scots played a played a major role in the American revolution (and I married on of their offspring 😊). I’d love to visit the John Paul Jones house!


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