Procrastination Is Such A Time Waster

Procrastination is a terrible thing.  For me it is something that happens as a deadline draws near.

Take for instance the local news magazine that I write and publish.  It should have gone to the printer on 1st July, instead I eventually sent it this morning.  It’s not that I didn’t know it had to go, I just seemed to manage to talk myself out of doing it.

I was struggling to find enough news to fill the 16 pages and many of the local community groups had closed for the Summer.  I could have gone to the town centre and visited local shops in case they had anything for me to write about.  This however was not something I wanted to do.  If they are not happy to pay to take out an advert and support the print costs of the paper, I am loathe to offer free advertising in the way of an article.

Instead I went out on my motorbike, did housework, watched Netflix and pretty much did everything apart from put the paper together.  I couldn’t even write anything else because the guilt of not finishing the paper first would not let me.

Then came the sudden realisation that on Thursday this week, I am going to London.  It takes 3 days for the print copy to be available after I send it to the printers.  If I didn’t get it there this morning, that would be the end of this month’s edition.  Was I ready to admit defeat and stop publishing?  No I was not.

Cue much scrabbling and scratching last night as I pulled together anything and everything I could find to fill the pages.  A couple of posters and an environmental checklist for helping butterflies helped fill the space. At last as I was ready to go to my 9-5, I managed to send the finished article to the printers.

Why is it that procrastination hits when it is most destructive and ends up sending you into a spiral of guilt before launching you into a panicked frenzy?

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