Don’t Let Midlife Fool You

Midlife is a funny place, it can mean anywhere between 30s and 60s nowadays.  That means that our midlives can vary dramatically depending on our situation. Don’t let midlife fool you into being something you don’t want to be.

For some their thirties is when they settle down and start having children.  For others, by the time they reach their forties they are grandparents.

Certainly, for the majority of us, midlife seems to be that time where we get a chance to stop and breathe.  That very short but important moment where we reflect on what we have achieved so far and look at what we want to achieve in the future.

I am sure that all sounds very grandiose to those of us slaving away trying to put food on the table whilst caring for kids and elderly parents.  All it means is that you have reached that stage where your kids aren’t 100% dependent on you, or you have reached a milestone in your career.  That thing you went rushing towards in your teens?  You have either reached it or realised it’s not happening.  Time to take a breath and look at what directions are available to you in the future.

Midlife also seems to be that place where you know enough to be able to offer advice to others.  However, you still don’t know enough to stop asking for advice yourself.

In years gone by the only thing associated with midlife was a crisis.  I most certainly am not having one of them, are you?

Midlife is a place to enjoy, to realise that actually, you are doing pretty good.  You have made it this far without causing the world to end and that has to be a positive. So what if you want to suddenly get a motorbike, or start wearing different clothes?  There are no rules on how you have to behave when you reach a certain age.

Sure a few years ago there were expectations that once you hit your 40s you wore skirts and jackets, twinsets and pearls.  Nowadays people don’t care.  Those expectations have been thrown out the window.  If you want to start dressing in primary colours and dying your hair, you go for it.  It’s your hair and red is a very empowering colour.

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