My Fresh Food Is Anything But Fresh

I am sitting at 8.30am on a Monday morning trying to find out the shelf life of sliced ham.  I found ham in the fridge today, I was going to use it to make sandwiches to take to work.

Then I realised that I didn’t buy the ham, it was my other half when he was here.  Now he left on Sunday 29th July at stupid o’clock in the morning.  This means that the ham must have been bought on Saturday 28th July at the absolute latest.  The use by date is 14th August.  That is 17 days after we bought it.  What on earth are we eating nowadays?

I remember thinking that the items in the chiller counter were fresher and better for me that the items at the butcher counter because they hadn’t been sitting out on the open air.  I am now having minor palpitations at the length of time food that I buy has been out and about.

Let’s face it, if we bought it on the 28th at the supermarket, when was it packaged?  There is at least a day of transport I would have thought.  Was it packaged at the same place it was processed?  How much travelling has this ham done before it is allowed to sit on my supermarket shelves for 17 days? Sitting in its plastic packaging which is now making me feel even more guilty.

I admit I normally go blindly round the supermarket picking up loads of things from the chiller cabinet thinking that is better for me.  I think this month on payday I will be going to the wholesaler and getting a load of fresh meat and cooking it myself.

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