How Things Change

It has been an incredible couple of days.

Yesterday I had confirmation of a job interview for a position similar to that which I am in now but with security and proper procedures.  Fingers crossed for 1st November.

My work on the websites of my main client for the secondary job has started paying off and bookings are coming in.  That is so satisfying and vindicates what I have been saying to them.

Darling daughter has tidied the kitchen and sitting room, it is so nice to come home and be able to relax.  Granted it cost me twenty quid however it was well worth it.

Sometimes life just seems to be a whole lot of bullet points or items on a list.  Next weekend I am being whisked away for a weekend of being pampered by my fiance.  I think I am just getting through whatever needs to be done until then, knowing that I get a break.

This is now a year of 6 day weeks and only now are things starting to come together.  Here’s hoping by this time next year I will be a tad more organised and not just be reacting to situations but controlling them.

There is method in my madness, honestly.  I shall be 50 something for the first time on Wednesday and I am looking at my pitiful pension preparations and thinking I need to do something now.  So I shall work like a trojan now for the next 5 years putting things in place which will bring in a steady income over the rest of my lifetime.

Well that is the plan, who knows if it will work, however, if you don’t try you will never know.

Jumping in with both feet where angels fear to tread – I think that may just be my new motto.

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