House Valuation Appointment Causes Panic

Many years ago my parents helped me buy my part owned house outright.  They took out a mortgage in their name and I made the payments.  This seemed like a very good idea at the time until I realised two years ago at the end of the life of the mortgage that it was interest only.

Cue today and my daughter and I are now having to try and get a mortgage to stay in the home we have been living in for many years.

Everything seemed to be going to plan and the mortgage application was sent in yesterday.

Today I received a call from the valuation company to say they would be here on Monday to value our home.

Panic stations and emergency calls have now ensued.  My house is definitely a home, a very cluttered home at that.  No use whatsoever for getting a decent valuation which is needed for the mortgage.  The higher the value of my home, the better chance I have of getting a mortgage for the amount I need.  I need this place to be valued about £20k more than I need to borrow.  This would be an easy task if it wasn’t so cluttered.

Having just been sent home from work because of a flu like lurgy, the last thing I feel like doing is giving the house a makeover but that is what will be happening.

I will in the interests of keeping myself enthused be recording this journey as I go with before and after pics.

All encouragement welcomed as I am sure this will be an exhausting few days.  The results however will make a huge difference to our chances of getting a mortgage easily so it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get out the black bags.  See you on the other side.

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