Entitlement Is Affecting More and More People

I am sitting on a train travelling from Scotland to London with my grown up daughter.  We booked the tickets and reserved the seats months ago.

When the train pulled into our station we got on board the carriage we had reserved and headed for our seats. As I was putting our luggage in the rack my daughter went to look for our seats.

When I was done I found my daughter signalling to me to sit at the seats beside the luggage at the end of the carriage.  It seems that when she had gone to the lady sitting at the seat beside ours, she was given an eyeroll and an exaggerated sigh.

When I looked towards where we were supposed to be sitting, the lady in the seat next to where we were supposed to be had not even started to move her belongings from our seats.  There were piles of paper all over the table and our seats, none of which she was making an effort to move.

We decided that we would move and that was all good until we got to Edinburgh when the person who had booked one of the seats at the table we had moved to came to sit.

As we apologised and explained that our reserved seats had been taken over by someone with a portable office, she explained that she too had a portable office.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have a munchie bag and handbags.  However, all our stuff can be stored above our seats and we will not spread ourselves out on other people’s space if the seats are booked.

Since when is it acceptable to spread yourself out over other peoples reserved seats?  It’s not like you don’t know they are reserved, there is information either on or above the seats throughout the journey.

Also when someone is being polite and moving to give you the seat you have reserved.  Please don’t be a bitch about it, maybe we also have reserved seats that we cannot sit at without a fight.  No need to make things worse for us.

As for the train companies, maybe you could get the staff to check seats when someone has spread all over the seats next to them that are booked at the next station.  Maybe have a word with them.

It’s such a shame that through the entitlement of the few, the majority are inconvenienced.


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