Obligation and Enjoyment Must Go Hand in Hand

Sometimes you have a moment.  This morning is one of those times.  I am sitting on my couch, laptop on my knees, heater on to stay cosy and cat curled up close by.

There is much I should be doing, many demands on my time but for now, at this moment, I am content.

I could give you a list of things I could be doing, possibly even should be doing but I won’t.  I won’t do that because right now, I deserve a moment and I intend to enjoy it.

Having done a full weeks work I feel that way too often our weekends are full of other obligations rather than enjoyments.  Most of the time I feel guilty about not being somewhere or not having done something but this weekend I decided to try and reduce that feeling of guilt.

There were still visits to my parents to make sure they were ok but whilst I was there, I went for a quick blast on my motorbike.  Obligation and enjoyment right there in one visit.  I did some writing for my local area website and then had a hot bath to relax, obligation and enjoyment.  Making a conscious effort to give myself some time and enjoyment whilst also fulfilling my obligations has made this weekend much less stressful.  So much so that I made steps to keep my environmental conscience clear.

This morning I made tea not with teabags but with loose leaf tea, part of my efforts to reduce my plastic use.  Is there a difference in flavour?  I cannot say for sure, there didn’t seem to be much of a difference in taste.   The difference in how I felt knowing that I have taken the first step in consciously reducing my harm to ocean creatures was a very positive feeling.

A very small change in the grand scheme of things but one that is giving me a positive vibe about my start to the day.

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