Easy Beginner Crochet Shawl Pattern

If you are looking to start making something useful with your newfound crochet skills, this shawl pattern is easy and quick. I love the fact that it allows me to make something that is actually useful to me rather than just being decorative. Especially as a crochet beginner when I just wanted to do something that I could use rather than just look at.

I have crocheted this in various sizes with various hooks and yarns depending on how tight I want the feel of the shawl to be. Obviously if you have a relatively small hook compared to the yarn, the knit of the fabric will be much tighter and probably better for winter wear.

I am just finishing my first shawl using actual wool yarn. The other 3 I have made have all been made with cheap acrylic yarn and they are still good at keeping me warm.

If you have a look at my youtube channel you will be able to see me wearing the simple lightweight red shawl and the stone coloured slightly thicker version.

Enough already, here is the pattern –

Chain 4, slip stitch in the first stitch to close the round

Row 1:
ch 3, 3 dc in ring, ch 2, 4 dc in ring, turn (8)

Row 2:
ch 3, 2dc in first st,
1dc in every st till center ch-2 space,
(1dc, ch 2, 1dc) in center ch-2 space,
1dc in every st till end,
3dc in last st, turn (14)

Row 3 – 60:
Repeat row 2

Obviously 60 rows is just a guidance, I am classed as tall or at least I was when I was younger so I like my shawls longer than usual.

Please remember to crochet into the 3 chain at the end as I missed this before and did not get a nice straight line for the top of my shawl and had to rip it back.

The shawl in the photograph is one I am wearing this morning and took off to get a photograph. It was made using cheap yarn from the pound shop and is approx a year old.

Happy crocheting

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