Welcome to the Prime of Midlife where I navigate the world of a female over 50.

A place to debunk the ridiculous expectations that all I am interested in is anti ageing cream and fashion suggestions.  A place to celebrate living your own life and not feeling like you have to apologise for doing so.

No doubt this page will grow as I meet more and more ridiculous assumptions about females over 50.  Why not join us for the ride?  I just got my first motorbike, you could always jump on the back as we navigate this new era of our lives.

Just as a footnote, I am not an influencer or promoter, I don’t have any PR department and if I tell you I have used something, it’s because I bought it in a shop like everyone else has to.  There are some affiliate links on this blog for items that I own, no promotions or sponsored posts.  There are adverts on this blog, the ones that state they are adverts, if you are interested in whatever they are promoting, feel free to click on the ad.  I may earn a small number of pennies for your interest.

This blog is old school, I am writing about my life because it gives me pleasure to do so, nothing more.