Why I Am Proud To Be Ordinary

Over the years we have seen picture perfect lives.  On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc, people publish photographs and stories of themselves in perfect situations.

People become celebrities with their every move followed by millions for nothing more than being obnoxious or having their picture taken in a football crowd.  We idolise the football player, the singer, the reality tv personality whilst demonising those who deserve our adulation.

I don’t want to see picture perfect lives or celebrities preening themselves.  What I would like to see is others like me.

Where are the ordinary people trying to get through ordinary lives?  Those with bills to pay, homes to tidy and families to care for?

It’s time we acknowledged that our lives are just as important as those celebrities.  In fact, if anything, our lives are more important as we are the ones living ordinary lives.  Paying our taxes, looking after families and supporting our local communities.

My life is reality, the reality of paying bills, household budgets, working, caring for elderly parents and somewhere in there, finding time for myself.  I know there are so many of you out there doing the same.

You know who you are.  You are the person who tidies the house only for it to get messed up again when the kids come home.  The person who has to go to work with a damp uniform because it wasn’t in one of the six washes you did on Friday and you didn’t have time to dry it fully after washing it on Sunday.

You budget carefully for the month and when you have that little bit left over and treat the family to something special, the next day you get the letter about the school trip.  Somehow you manage to trim the budget again or you have to invent a reason why the school trip will not be happening.

You smile as you tell your elderly Mother that you have nothing on that evening and of course you will be happy to visit and help her check that letter she received about that lottery win.

Your kitchen looks like the photograph but you still have washing to do, a blog to write, a visit to make and work to go to.  The kitchen can wait.

My life is not picture perfect, it never will be.  It is however a real life and I hope to catch up with many more living their real lives in the near future.

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