Why I Am Going Back To Books With Paper

If like me you are an avid reader or various genres of literature, you have most probably in recent years used an electronic reader.  Whether reading on a laptop, tablet, phone etc. the sudden variety of options available seemed joyful.

For me, travelling to London from Scotland every few months, the ability to finish one book and start another without having to carry bulky paperbacks was a godsend.  Reading has been my relaxation my whole life and a simple 300 page book did not last the whole train journey.  I needed at least one back up, preferably two, of different genres.

Fast forward a few years and I am not finding my electronic library quite so appealing.  Then again, maybe I would if I could find it all. 

My electronic library started when my parents gave me a kindle paperwhite for Christmas.  I was so excited to be able to have so many books in one place.  No more lugging heavy bags when travelling just for my books.  This device is still in my house somewhere, I am just not sure where. 

After a while, when buying a digital book from Amazon, I stopped downloading it to the kindle and instead would read it on my laptop.  Immediate gratification beat waiting for downloads and finding my device.

Then there was the Kindle Fire, more like a mini computer with the Kindle app for reading books.  This was fabulous for travel, especially when I got a small Bluetooth keyboard and could do writing as well as reading with the device.  Again, this device is in my house somewhere.

Sadly, my thought that I had all these books to choose from on the device did not hold firm.  I distinctly remember pulling out the device one day and scrolling through the books to find something that I wanted to read.  Who knew my options would be limited as most of my choices would have to be downloaded.  This was not what I expected.

Tomorrow I am going to be interviewing a local Poet who has organized a concert for Ukraine in the local area.  This lovely gentleman is the author of the only book of poetry I have ever purchased. Sadly, I purchased it in a digital version.  After a lot of hunting in my online accounts I found the book of poems.  It’s not the same.

Yes, I bought it so I could support my new friend the Poet, no I haven’t read it much.  In fact, I haven’t read it in years.  The formatting does not travel well between devices it seems. 

How I wish I had bought the paper version so that I could have curled up beside the fire with my tea and biscuits, and relaxed and read the words on paper. 

Digital reading no more, tomorrow, I go back to real live books with real live words.

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