When Your Body Says You Need To Sleep, Don’t Argue

I need to get my paper to the printers.  If I get it to them tomorrow morning there is an outside chance I will have it back in time to distribute for the weekend.

I also need to sleep, really really need to sleep.  A long uninterrupted sleep which refreshes and rejuvenates.  I seem to have been missing out on them recently and today my body has decided it  has had enough.

I still have 4 pages to fill in the paper and I am no more capable of doing that tonight than flying through the air.  My brain is sort of functioning but not at full capacity and my body just wants to be horizontal.

It’s strange now that I have reached this midlife phase how I can behave as if I am still a young stripling for so long then all of a sudden I crash and burn.

It is barely 9pm but I am struggling to hold on and be able to message people.  Come 9pm I think I will be excusing myself and heading for bed.  There is no point in sitting being exhausted and miserable when I can go get some sleep and hopefully feel better in the morning.

I have to hand it to my body, it works very well for its age and for what is asked of it.  It seems that every so often it asks back and now I have to do what is asked to ensure future abilities.

This probably doesn’t make sense right now but I am sure there will be some of you midlifers out there who know exactly what I mean.  Here’s to us, the ones who ever so often just have to gracefully retire at a ridiculously early hour so we can return to full strength tomorrow.

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