When Dreams Awaken

It is almost 5am and I am awake sitting with a cup of tea contemplating the disaster zone that is my home.  It is such a disaster zone that my dreams decided to let me know just how bad things were.

I distinctly remember the tail end of my dream when the floor in my kitchen suddenly had a hole in it, well if it wasn’t a hole it was a very big dent under the rug.  The windows seemed to have ceased to exist in some places and the roof was obviously just there for decoration if the amount of rain coming in was anything to go by.

This was compounded by two of my workmates who were standing in my kitchen telling me just how bad it was and they weren’t sure if my insurance would cover it as it was bad workmanship but my house was now out of the newbuild guarantee etc.  The fact that this is their job to check things like this did not make this dream any easier.

Real me woke up as dream me sat in a pool of water and started crying proper tears.

Now although I may call my house a disaster zone, that is only on the inside, as in untidy and in desperate need of a declutter.  I don’t for one minute think that the fabric of the building is having problems.

I am however wary when dreams have the power to awaken me quite so abruptly, there is only one thing to do in this situation.  Go check the internet and see what these dreams could mean, just in case.

I have tea, I have apple pie in the oven warming up, I am ready to investigate.  Granted I shall probably go back to bed in about an hour to get another hour of snoozing before having to go to work but for now I am a sleuth, wish me luck.

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