Tuesday Morning Catch Up

It’s Tuesday morning and I am up bright eyed and bushy tailed trying to catch up with things I had intended doing last night.

Last night I had a training session for the community radio station where I present a show on a Saturday afternoon. This of course had completely slipped my mind until the reminder went off on my calendar. Timing wise, I had to head there straight after work so my plans for the evening were completely shot.

The training session was great but by the time I got back home, I was way too tired to be doing anything apart from having a quick cup of tea and heading for bed.

Thankfully I woke up about 6am so that was perfect timing to head downstairs and get myself back on track.

That was the intention however as normally happens when you are full of good intentions something goes awry.

I had intended jarring up the coriander I had dried the day before in the dehydrator. That was not to be. I did start but the herb just didn’t feel completely dry. Rather than take the chance of wasting it, I put it back in the dehydrator.

Next was to store the sausage casserole I had made the day before. This was the first time I had used my dehydrated vegetables and it was supposed to be my dinner last night. Obviously that was before I had realised I was going to be out for the evening.

After a hunt about, I eventually managed to get all the portions I had into containers and stored in the fridge and freezer. One in the fridge for tonight’s dinner and the other two in the freezer for another time.

What would normally have been two portions of sausage casserole has now become three. The sausages were in a pack of six and in recent times a portion for myself and partner would have been three sausages each. However with the thought of maybe struggling with supplies in the near future, I decided that should change. So three portions with two sausages each is what has been stored.

You can of course follow this morning with my latest video here.

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