To The Others Like Me, This Is Why I Am Here

A report I read yesterday mentioned that bloggers are now less of a pull for advertisers because so many have faked their followers.  The food and drink industry are also pulling back as many so called influencers are asking for freebies in exchange for “influence”.  This so called influence often results in no visible benefit for these businesses.

I have to say I am not sure if I am a blogger yet.  I most certainly am not an influencer and have absolutely no intention of ever becoming one.  If I write about anything it will be because I have done it and paid for it myself.

As I don’t wear make up and have less than 15 pairs of shoes, then I am pretty sure I don’t fall into the fashion and beauty category.

With the price of travel nowadays, I am most certainly not a travel blogger.  The best you will get from me is some photos of my local area when it is looking good.

Food and drink is a possibility for a couple of posts.  I live in rural Scotland, we have some great local farmers and producers.  Madderty Micro Gin, Perthshire Preserves etc are both close by.  Restaurants however will not be getting mentioned as the local restaurants and cafes cater for tourists and guests at the local 5 star hotel.  At £2 for a small bottle of water, I certainly cannot afford to be eating or drinking in most of the local establishments.

So why am I here?

Because somewhere out there are others like me.  The single mums desperately trying to work, look after the kids and the elderly parents and have some semblance of a life.  The women running themselves ragged wondering when they will have 5 minutes to themselves to just stop.

There are others who work all week and on Saturday they get up and start on the washing and cleaning that they didn’t have time to do through the week.

There are thousands of women just like me who are struggling to find time for themselves.  Many feel inadequate as expectations are so high from all sides.  I am here to let them know, it’s ok.

It’s ok to have a washing pile as high as your counter tops.  It’s ok to flop down at 10pm on a Friday night and have a drink.  It is more than ok to answer anyone over the age of 12 with “I don’t know, go have a look in the cupboards and fix yourself something to eat.”

I am no influencer, I am barely even a blogger.  What I am is a genuine 50 something female who has decided that she want’s to put her thoughts out there to let others know they are not alone.

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