The Good Vibes Dishcloths

The good vibes dishcloth sounds like a bit of a misnomer.  How can a dishcloth possibly have good vibes?

In this case it is because when it was made, it was made with good vibes.  No sweatshop, no machines, no child labour.  This cloth was made whilst I was sitting on the couch with a glass of wine watching one of my favourite movies.

For way too long I have been working through the day then sitting at my desk trying to write and failing miserably.  Everything seemed to be so full on and there was always something else that I should be doing.

A week ago, I had the ridiculous idea that I would go get some string and knit my own dishcloths.   I wouldn’t say I am hugely environmentally conscious.  I still manage to forget my bags and have to get more from the shop.  I do however try to buy loose veg which is a start at least.

In the house I have made beeswax wraps which I have to say I do not use as often as I thought I would.  They are great for sandwiches, cold cuts etc but I hadn’t realised how little I use cling film nowadays.

I was looking for an additional way to be environmentally safe whilst finding something I could make myself.  I vaguely remembered reading somewhere about people knitting their own dishcloths from cotton string.  Off I went to my local ironmongers, that Aladdin’s cave of all things useful and managed to purchase a couple of balls of cotton string.  I knitted the first cloth last week and that was really as far as I got until last night.

Last night I decided I didn’t want to be sitting in front of the computer, in fact I didn’t want to be on the computer at all.  My partner and I can communicate using the phones when he is in London so I would use the phone.  I took myself through to the couch and prepared to settle in for the evening.  I had wine, I had Smooth Radio and I picked up my knitting needles with the ball of string I had started the week before.

This is where the good vibes come in.  Last night was one of the most relaxing I have spent in a long time.  No checking on who was posting what, no news, no updates, nothing but me, the music and making something that could be useful.

These good vibes continued this morning when I used the cloths on my kitchen.  They are very good at being dishcloths.  Much better than the blue thing things we had before that seemed to be as thin as paper.   These are strong and have a slight abrasive quality just because of the way they are knitted. They can be thrown in the washing machine as required and reused many times.

It felt really good to be cleaning with cloths that I knew were environmentally friendly and had been made in such good circumstances.  It’s not often I smile like that when I am doing housework.

Today I shall be sending a couple of them to family to add to their environmentally friendly credentials. You can be sure I will tell them the story of the good vibes cloths.  Good for the environment and good for me.

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