Sunday Morning Plans

As Sunday is the only day I am not working at present there is always a bit of a conflict as to what I will do.

This morning I got up and went to collect darling daughter from work at 8am.  I have to say I may be a little bit smug as I was organised enough to put on a wash before I left so it can be drying this afternoon.  Clean clothes that I like will be ready for the office tomorrow which is always a good start.

Unfortunately I forgot to take anything out of the freezer last night so my initial plan of something in the slow cooker for tonight has not quite materialised.  Rummaging in the freezer for something that will defrost in time for me to cook this evening looks like it is next on the list.

My fiance who is of course hundreds of miles away did the morning texts this morning.  I went to pick up daughter and texted him when I arrived back.  His reply was that he would have a snooze then come find me.  Is it really selfish of me to be thinking “I am up, I have time to spend with you, why are you snoozing??”  In saying that, he also worked a 6 day week and is getting ready for coming to see me on Thursday so I suppose he is entitled to some leeway.

Today should be catch up day, here’s hoping I catch up with more than just one load of washing.  It would be nice to be a bit organised for once.

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