Sunday Morning Back To Bed

It is stupid early on Sunday morning and I have already been out of bed for over an hour.  I am less than impressed with this morning so far.

First, I had to take my daughter to work at a ridiculously early hour.  This is not normal and was done to allow a colleague to go visit his sick grandchild.  I love that my kid is so caring of others, until I need to get out of bed before 6am on my day off.

I came home and put two chickens in the oven to cook off.  These will be stripped down and frozen in portions later today. The intention was to do some more writing of the book whilst these were cooking.  Instead there has been and abundance of procrastination and web surfing and no writing whatsoever.

I need to find a 28 year old male accountant who works in London and find out what he does in the evenings.  Otherwise my book will be stalled indefinitely.

Sitting here killing time until I can go back to bed for a few hours sleep, it occurs to me that maybe putting the chicken in the oven was not one of my better ideas.  I am literally clock watching to ensure the chicken is cooked through then I am going to bed.

The chicken should have been left in the fridge until I had another couple of hours sleep.  Then I would at least be thinking straight.

The possibility of stopping the print version of my local newspaper is also weighing heavily on my mind.  It barely covers costs and although so many people in the community say it is a great thing.  No one wants to pay to advertise.  They are all happy to send me stuff about the courses they are putting on, which cost money to attend.  They ask if I will let people know about them but they never offer to pay.  I think it is time I stopped paying to advertise other people’s money earners.

Now it is time to switch off the oven and go back to bed.  See you this afternoon.  Have a great Sunday.

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