Stop Falling For The Sales Patter

It’s Sunday morning, not even 9am and already I am pontificating to my SO about over 50s websites.  The majority of websites I have found for females over 50 seem to be based on the usual female subjects of looking good, finding a man and how to get a job.

What is going on with women in the world?  Surely by the time we reach our fifties we have realised that the pressure for looking a certain way is bullshit?  A myth pedalled by big companies hoping to cash in on our insecurities by selling us lotions and potions to make us look better.

Look better for who?

I am me, I have freckles, I have extra weight and grey hairs coming through.  This does not make me any less me, in fact it makes me even more me as I am not hiding behind a façade.

Single for over 15 years as I brought up my daughter, when I met my now SO, he was warned within the first week “This is who I am, I am not changing so if you would prefer someone else, feel free to back away”.  He was invited to my house without me tidying it first, I only wear make-up on occasion and he and the cat have an ongoing battle for my affection when we are sitting on the couch.  That is the life I lead and he chose to join it.

I am astonished that there are still so many of us struggling to be ourselves at this age.  We have paid our dues, this is our time to find ourselves and enjoy life.  Let’s be honest, for many of us there is a very short window where we can concentrate on ourselves in between raising kids and caring for elderly parents.  In that time, we can ensure that the future is more suited to us and our needs.

This is the time to learn to drive or ride a motorbike, read more books, start that project you have been thinking about, try new things and embrace those you enjoy.  There are many years ahead of us and I for one intend to enjoy them as best I can.

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