Robotic Vacuum Is My New Favourite Thing

As we all know, when you reach your midlife your priorities change.  Often there is less requirement to be looking after children and therefore possibly more time to yourself.  Maybe you are one of the sandwich generation who although you have brought up your kids, you are now looking after elderly parents.

I think I may possibly be one of those as my child is grown up enough to look after herself but my parents are not as well as they could be.  I visit them most days under the pretext of going for lunch when I am at work.

Just recently my mother asked about the possibility of a cleaner.  I was happy with this, I barely manage to keep my own home habitable, there is no way I was doing my parents as well.  Within 18 hours she had changed her mind.  Didn’t want a stranger in the house etc etc.  I have left it at that for now as I don’t want to get her upset.

Then last night I tried out my new toy.  I say new, it’s only just out of the box but the box has been sitting there for two years.  I was given vouchers and purchased a robotic vacuum which I then failed to take out of the box.  I was such a fool.

I put the cleaner together a couple of days ago.  Don’t get me wrong, all that entailed was plugging in the charging point and putting the cleaner on the charging point.  Last night I put batteries on the remote and switched it on.

I was not immediately impressed which is probably normal.  It is a very lightweight machine which cannot possibly reproduce the heavy beating of my upright.  I went away and left it and came back probably about half an hour later.  I was suitably impressed by that time.   In fact I was so impressed I immediately went and set it up in the next room.  Tonight, I shall be working out the auto timer thing so it can do its stuff whilst I am at work.

It is ridiculous how excited about this machine I am. I am going to look for one for my parents house so they are not trying to push a heavy vacuum cleaner around the house.  I would definitely recommend one of these for anyone who is tight for time and doesn’t have children dropping half a biscuit at a time.

The model in the picture is mine, it is no longer made seemingly but I am sure you will find plenty online to choose from.  It will be worth it.

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