Quick Trip To London

Would you  believe that I am actually going to London for a rest?

It’s strange to think that I am going to the busiest city in the country to relax.  It took us a couple of years to realise, but sure enough, London is the place where I can relax.

My parter lives in London but is originally from Scotland.  This means that when he comes to visit he doesn’t only visit me, he also visits his family up in Scotland.

Whilst he is doing that, we also have my aging parents to keep an eye on and support and my daughter lives with us.

I am sure you can agree that his visits to me are more about family and any romance is pretty much non existent.

Surprisingly in London, it is the complete opposite.  His family there is all grown up and left home.  He lives on his own and I have no obligations down there.  It is a time I actually get to stop and take care of myself and enjoy my time.

What is so annoying is that it has taken me years to realise what I need to allow me to relax properly.  I need to be away from my responsibilities and have some me time.

Don’t leave it as long as I did before finding what recharges your batteries .

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